Sensory Activity: Jello

First things first… making Jello isn’t idiot-proof.  I have no idea how I screwed this up so bad.  My jello was more like… thick orange water with a few gelatinous lumps.  Delightful right?!  Well – the perfect kind of thing for a sensory activity nonetheless.

Step one: Strip children.  Very important step – you will see why at the end of this entry.

Step two:  Gather this stuff

  • some measuring spoons
  • some basting brushes
  • cookie cutters
  • plastic eggs (still ‘training’ for Easter egg decorating)
  • jello
  • a spatula
  • a bin to put it all in
  • wash cloths and water

Pile the kids into their high chairs, cover them in something you never plan to use again.

Give them some spoons, the cookie cutters and the eggs to figure out how to use them, open them, let them taste them (of course).

With the spatula – portion out some jello and put it on the tray.  Now… here is where everything went downhill.  My jello didn’t gel so, my spatula couldn’t portion anything… so it was rendered useless and I just poured some ‘jello’ lumps/water onto their trays.

Watch as the kids’ energy builds with wonder and amazement as the jello jiggles and wiggles all around.  Or in my case… watch them try to play with the orange puddle on their trays.  Attempting to manipulate it with all their ‘tools’.

Following direction is something both of these kids do well… when it comes to craft time.  When it comes to ‘stop throwing things on the hardwood while the other kid is sleeping’ not so much.

So, anyways – play play pay.

And then something happened that I had not taken into consideration when planning this sensory activity….


And here my friends, is exactly why I did instruct you to strip your children before this activity!

Or, you could just make jello properly and this wouldn’t likely be the outcome… but just incase… diapers only!

So anyways – this occupied a good 30 minutes of the day.  It made minimal mess… nothing my 2 dogs couldn’t handle (in 6 seconds flat).

Maybe one day I will actually try this again if I learn the ancient secret to making proper jello.  Until then, I have this picture to remind me what a terrible mother I am for not knowing how to make frikken jello!

(PS the orange hands washed out in the tub a few hours later… I think the face too (bad lighting in the loo)- wont know till morning :P)

Let me know if you try this – and/or you know the secret to jello making.



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  1. Posted by kristin on March 29, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    Love this!


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