Sensory Activity: Cool Whip

Well, spring sprang and then left.  What was going to be a week of playing in the grass and further developing their walking skills has gone back to staying indoors because the effort to get them all bundled and out the door is just too daunting.

So, we do sensory activities instead!

It’s almost Easter and with my two 1 year olds this will be the first time they will dabble in the art of egg decoration.  The visions in my head are all “Martha Stewart-y” with different dyes and patterns and some kind of use of Mod Podge… but let’s face it, these two can barely do a hand print without all hands on deck!  So, I decided now was a good time to get them ‘play practicing’ with the tools for the job.

A can of spray ‘whip’

Paint brushes

Easter themed cookie cutters

‘Rubber’ ducks, bunnies or whatever else fits the theme

Plastic eggs (which I meant to use, but just realized I forgot!)

Spoons (because we might as well practice that too!)


Bin to toss it all back into afterwards




I got the kiddies all settled into their high chairs, faced them towards each other and put on their paint smocks.  I think by now they ‘know’ the smocks mean craft time.  They LOVE wearing the smocks – not so much the crafts most of the time!  I added in the bunny ear headband for D in an attempt to keep her hair out of the line of fire… plus it fit the theme.

Then, I sprayed a little pileof whip onto each tray.  It took a few seconds for either of them to even touch it.  I think they thought there was more to it.  L was the first to squish it between his fingers and then spread it around his tray.  D saw this, and jumped in herself.  A taste, a smell a splash and they were both ready for more.  I added in the other items one by one… followed by another dollop of whip



“Give the duck and bath, paint the tray, put the whip on the ducks head” etc etc lead both kids to use all the items as asked … and also as vessels to get the whip into their mouth.  Boy am I ever glad I didn’t use shaving cream!

The time ticked on, larger and larger piles of whip where served and the kids just ‘ate it up’ as it where!  I am pretty sure there were playing for at least 40 minutes.  eventually the can was empty and the remaining whip melted (?) and the items where being dropped on the floor.

“All done” signs D

With all that could have gone messy in this sensory activity, this is the extent of the mess… not too bad!








And the only casualty was the cute bunny ears which D remembered where there only when she stuck her hands up to sign.  Oh well!

A fun activity for sure.  Not sure what the amount of ‘edible oil product’ will do to the … ahem… diaper later but… worth the smiles nonetheless.

Try this with your very young toddlers and let me know how it turns out!



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