Week 29

A week of new hats!

This one is the envy of all his friend’s moms!

Daddy’s fave

Knit newsboy

Oh, and new shoes.  Mommy has an obsession with shoes.

I have about 10 more pictures to add but blogger is REALLY slow (the above ones took 2 hours).  I will try again in a day or so.

Until then… here is his latest video

Let’s see if this will work now…

A visit with Uncle Tyler

A Jays Game

Holding Ayda’s hand

Father’s of the year

Playing in the playroom… while mom brings in the rest of his toys

Life-long persuit to eat these balls

This is his favourite thing to do.  Hollar into this pan.  There is a mirror inside.

Spaghetti night!!

Read: ‘Hollar into the pan’ (it applies to all things the size of his face….

Look – standing all on his own!

And only a little wobbly!

Well… better late than never.  These are the pics from week 29


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