Liam’s Blessing Ceremony

Just wanted to make a post about Liam’s Blessing Ceremony so there is a record of what happened for him to read and also for the others who were unable to attend.

Thanks again to everyone who attended.  It was a beautiful day.

Blessing ceremony of William Xavier Gauthier – May 22, 2011.

We are gathered here today to honour the miracle that is baby William Xavier Gauthier.  Your attendance will forever bond you to Liam in a spiritual way, as we all stand witness to his welcoming to our community and dedication to the Devine.  As we make our connections to baby Liam let us all make a circle and join hands creating a continual link of love and support.

Divine Creators, we ask for Your Blessings here today.  Protect this family and community by surrounding them with your infinite unconditional love. Keep us mindful that the miracle of incarnation is both a gift and path back to you. We ask that our sense of community be strengthened by what we are about to witness here today.

Our lives are the legacies of those who have gone before us. The ancestors of this child are no less a part of his community than we here who are present. He is the fulfillment of the dreams of many generations. Therefore, I call upon all of Liam’s ancestors to be with us now to participate in this protection, blessing and welcoming ceremony.

We now will anoint Liam with the elements in the 4 sacred directions.
Air represents the breath of life. It is the representation of all that we cannot see: our souls, our spirits, our minds, our hearts and the Devine. Air represents those things that we cannot physically see, but whose presence is clearly felt upon our lives.

Rub your hands in the smoke to cleanse them; scoop the smoke into your hands and bring it
-To your head, so you will think good thoughts – no anger, jealousy, hate
-To the eyes so you will see the world around you in a good way
-To the throat so you will speak always in kindness and in non-judgmental ways
 -To the ears, so that you will listen, truly listen to others instead of ‘waiting to speak’ which we so often do
-To the heart so you feel connected to all living beings in a loving way
-To the solar plexus so your emotions connect with the Earth Mother 

-Finally under the feet, this way the dark side of your soul and the world will not follow in your footsteps.

Liam may the winds of life envelope you and protect you your whole life through
Earth represents the foundation of life. Earth is stable, constant, solid, strong and unrelenting and is trusted as it is what is there and remains. It is the base on which people build their personality, which keeps their mind together and lets them focus.
Liam may the earth sustain you, ground you and grow with you your whole life through
Water represents the flow of life. Water is essential for existence and is in a constant state of change. Water stands for inspiration, for creation, for giving birth to ideas, hopes, emotions and healing.
Liam may the waves of water nourish you and be in harmony your whole life through.
Fire represents the drive of life. Fire is the thing burning in your soul, moving you to fight for the things you believe in. Fire represents a dream, a virtue, a belief, and never means your commitment only, but its realization.
Liam may the fires of your soul be realized your whole life through.

And now we offer moments of silence so all of Liam‘s community may say a silent prayer to their Devine beings to seal these blessings.  

We also offer the opportunity for any others to partake in a smudging.

Divine Creators and ancestors, thank you for bringing Liam into this world, into our lives. Thank you for blessing this child and blessing us all with your presence here today. Thank you for bringing this family together to welcome Liam to our community in love. Help us to live in your light and integrity every day, so that we may be good role models for Liam and all children.

Laura and I would like to say thank you for participating in our child’s blessing ceremony.  We hope that each and every one of you remains a part of Liam’s life as an advisor, a guardian as well as keepers of spiritual faith.  We invite you, when the time is right, to share a faith teaching with Liam so that he may develop a well-rounded approach to all religions to grow his own faith foundations.
We hope that we as Liam‘s parents can sustain the integrity it takes to raise a peace filled child of light, but should our efforts waiver, we hope that you all will help in the perseverance of our child’s divine purpose. 
It is with the greatest gratitude that we say thanks to you all for being a part of this special day.
We now would like to plant a tree to commemorate this special day and the precious life we have been blessed with.  Please walk with us to our family garden.

This tree represents all life. 
It’s roots are enveloped by Earth,
It’s leaves influenced by wind.
It is nourished by Water
and finally, the sun provides light and warmth to help the tree grow. 
Please help protect this tree by encircling it with a blessing filled stone.  A blessing for all life.

This tree will grow as Liam grows.  Each year, remarkably bigger, stronger and wiser than the last. 
Blessed be – and so it is.
A very special thanks to Amy for taking all these great pictures, to Val for making this fantastic cake and to Ryan and Mel for helping us get ready for Liam’s special day.
Liam will know his whole life through that he is loved and blessed by everyone who attended.

We look forward to receiving all the pictures of your “Liam Trees” when you get them planted.

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  1. Aww this is awesome La! I'm sorry I missed such a wonderful ceremony!! Thanks for sharing this for those of us who were unable to attend! xoxo


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