Week 10 Pics

Hi Everyone!

We are more than happy to post pics and share stories with you… but we have no idea who is actually coming to see them.  When you get a chance – could you please leave a comment and say Hi!?

It’s been a little slow this week picture wise, but Liam has been learning and growing a lot lately!  He’s almost mastered the holding his head up thing, and he has started standing like a champ.  He LOVES to stand up after he eats.  Big smiles and giggles.  I actually had him ‘walking’ today.  He is better taking steps with his left foot, than right so far.  He’s also starting to roll left, which gets him tangled in his play mat with the peacock and makes him kind of mad.  Soon enough, we are going to have to clear a ‘roll way’ in the living room for him to master his craft. 

Liam has been sleeping and eating like a big boy this past week too.  He is now sleeping in his crib 1/2 to 2/3 of the night.  Tonight we are going to try going to bed at 8pm, instead of 10 and we are going to have Daddy bottle feed his 4am wake up.  Cross your fingers!  Liam is also having a good nap (or 3) in the day.  He sure does like his sleep time… and sure does let you know if he hasn’t had enough!

Just today I went through Liam’s clothes and he is now wearing the Carters 6mos sizes!  I’d say most of that sizing has to do with his cloth diapers, but I also think he might be a little long for his age.  Last check at the doctors he was 60cm.  The 6mos sizes in other brands of clothes are still way too big though… weird how it varies so much in the brands.  It’s kind of good that he’s sized up now – because his 6mos clothes are WAY cuter anyways!

Well, that’s all I can think to share for now.  Please do leave a comment and let us know you popped by!

A visit from Pat and Tammy

Look at those eyes!

Looking super cute

Showing off his new gripping skills …
and facination with putting things in his mouth

Celebrating Angel’s Birthday

Hanging with Great Cousin Mark

It’s Great Cousin’s Mark and Angela and super cute cousin Alice!
Liam has moved onto wanting to look out at people now,
but it is so exciting that he usually promptly falls asleep minutes later.


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