Well, according to my math – which is often wrong – we are coming up on week 10 of Liam’s life.

Most of those weeks are a blur.  Some of them have been documented well enough that I can piece the others together. (This blog isnt just for your enjoyment – it’s to help Kev and I remember the early years – as we are told they fly by!) And then there is these past 2 weeks….

Liam is a whole new kid again.  Just in the past 3 nights he has gone from waking every 2-3 hours to feed, to falling asleep around 10pm and waking up at 4am.  Well, by waking up I really mean, me realizing he has been asleep that long and waking him up to make sure he is alive and then changing his diaper and feeding him so he will go back to sleep.  I am working on the courage to just let him sleep through the night.  Maybe next week.

The past few weeks Kev and I have been working on getting Liam to sleep in his own bed for 1/2 the night.  So far so good.  Infact it has been amazing.  Absolutely no protest from Liam at all.  (Knocking on wood as I write this).  In another week or so, we will begin the transition to get Liam to sleep in his crib for the whole night.  We will miss him sleeping next to us and waking up to him snuggled into our armpits – but alas he has outgrown the need to be at our side.  Originally Liam would flare his arms out to touch us in the night and wimper like a lost puppy if he couldn’t reach, but now he is just like another body in the bed fighting for space. 

Add to this awesome achievement, Liam’s new found talents and we have a far more entertaining and interesting little boy on our hands.

Last week – out of nowhere – Liam started reaching for the leaves on his swing.  It’s also the week he started smiling in a distinct ‘not gas pains’ kind of way.  I am sure most of you watched this video – but incase you missed it… here is the link again.


Then today… well, for the last few days, Liam has been gripping things.  Below is a video of him doing this – but I warn you, it was near the end of our ‘toy time’ before I got the camera out so, he is kind of loud and over-stimulated.  I had to tape it in the mirror because Liam seems to ‘play dead’ whenever I hold a camera up to him… I thought this might work better.

Shake Rattle and Roll

Other fun things Liam has been doing is standing and sitting.  Neither on his own, obviously.  We are surpised how keen Liam is to do both.  We were at a kids birthday party last weekend and all Liam wanted to do was watch the kids scurry around.  He sat up for hours (assisted) and since then, it is his prefered position.  Standing is something Liam likes to do after he feeds.  Well, after a few big belches and a drool ofcourse.

So anyways, long story short…. Liam is growing up quick.  Thank goodness we take an incredible amount of pictures and videos because these times are flying by!


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