Week 6 Pics

Well, another week has gone by and Liam seems to have become a new baby.  He is sleeping reliably between 10pm and 7am with only 2 feeds in the night.  He has started to babble, can almost roll over on his own and is becoming way more comfortable with being put down and not held all the time.  He does however still enjoy his snuggles when Daddy gets home from work and in the morning with Mommy after his breakfast.

Liam and Mommy went shopping this week without Daddy and survived.  The new wrap that Mommy made makes doing stuff SO much easier now.  Liam goes in, snuggles tight and falls asleep until he is taken out.  He got lots of ‘oos and ahhs’ at the grocery store from the old ladies and made friends with the bag boy while he helped us put the bags in the van.

Liam had his final visit with the MidWife Lisa and was weighing 10lbs 7oz and measuring 58cms.  He is growing just right and has all the reflexes he should at this time.  Lisa was super proud of us for geting him back to health and for making good choices like cloth diapering, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and baby wearing.  Next week Liam meets our Doctor for the first time where we will talk about vaccines and why his right eye is always so goopy.

Here are some of the pictures from this week!

Hanging out in his chair

Snuggeling with Teddy on the blanket Great Aunt Marilyn made

Rocking his new hat from Joanne

Mr. Grumpy Face

The magic Wrap

Double trouble
Some boys snuggle Teddy Bears, or toy trucks.when they sleep… Liam snuggles boob

Noah kisses his new best bud.

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