Impatiently Waiting….

So, Liam isnt exactly born yet… but he sure has become a big part of our life already!  I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant (even though it feels like 89 weeks atleast) and we are in the final stretch of his ‘inside’ life.

He has been kicking and rolling and hiccuping for weeks and weeks and, atleast lately seems to want out of his ‘inside’ home just as much as we do.  Doctor says he is head down and looking left… which I am told is a great golf pose! (Note to self: start saving for club fees)  The guestimate of his weight is 7lbs 5oz as of February 3.  Not huge… but also not an accurate enough guage since everyone we know who’s had a pre-delivery ultrasound has had a completely different actual birth weight… like pounds different kind of different.

Liam’s nursery is done.  Our “Canadian Wildlife” theme came out exactly as planned.  The room feels like it should… even with the ugly green carpet!  The dogs must know Liam’s room is a special place because when they come in they always just lay down and watch me buzz around putting things away.  Bear really wants to get a good taste of one of the stuffed toys – a caterpillar- but so far atleast, has responded to “that’s not for puppies”.  We look forward to bringing Liam home and letting the dogs get a good sniff of their new best friend.  I am pretty sure the dogs know ‘something’ is about to happen… or maybe it is just the sight of the suitcase being out and jammed with all our hospital stuff that has them on high alert.  Either way when we say the word “baby” they both look at us like ‘tell me more…’.

Daddy has 2 more days of work left until he is on hollidays until March.  So, as of Monday all systems are go on our end.  Just need Liam to cooperate and start making his way out. I have been taking all the teas and vitamines and doing all the tricks on my end to make things ‘easier’ for him.  It’s all up to him now.

So, until we get some ‘in person’ pictures all I have to offer is a series of belly pictures.  Keep in mind – some of that bump is pre-existing… even though I, at one point, had lost almost 30lbs in the early pregnancy. Enjoy! -L


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