About This Blog

Welcome to the Growing Country Roots blog!  We’d love to hear how you found us.  Please post a comment about yourself and your journey here.

We are a family of 3 living in Southern Ontario in a small farming community.  Okay, I’ll be honest, we live in a subdivision in this farming community – but it’s still country because our yard backs onto farm!  Anyways, life out here is blessed and we wanted to create a space where we can keep track of all the wonderful things we get to experience.

Our son Liam is almost a year old now and life is only going to get more and more busy and awesome.  We hope to fill his days with the best of country life and also want to share our adventures with you.  Please feel free to post reccomendations, comments and critiques on everything we post.  We’d love for this to be as interactive as possible.

My husband and I are kind of crafty.  We also love to cook and travel and explore.  I also love love LOVE taking pictures.  A large part of this blog will be heavy in photo content.  I am still learning but, who doesn’t love scads and scads of pictures of kids playing??? Okay maybe some people, so that is why we created the other pages for crafts and stuff.  I also run a home daycare and am super motivated to offer fresh, fun and uber educational content to my kids.  I will share my/their most favourite activities here.  I’ll be honest though – I get most of my ideas from Pinterest.  I am kind of addicted. ‘Kinda’ is a gross understatement. We are totally up for doing product reviews too so, if you want to send us free stuff to love we will be more than happy to say nice things about it!

Anyhoo… stick around – Billy’s gone to get his banjo and we’re chopping fire wood out back for the cookout.  Err… something like that. 🙂


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